Søker juridisk rådgivning etter voldshendelse og urettferdig arrestasjon | Finn beste og billigste pris


Need legal advice\representation. Got detained for visiting my husband, so i could spend the night with my son. There was a physical altercation involving several adults - after i was attacked by my husband’s “new” woman (who used to be my friend. Sadly, that relationship went sour when the truth of their affair came out.), her mother, her father, and also my husband. I was strangled to the point where i was unable to breathe or speak. The left side of my face is affected as a result of this strangulation. I was the only one placed in arrest, though when the police arrived at the scene, he was found kneeling on my chest. I was kicked in the ribs by the father of this woman and called a “nigger bitch”. He is czech. I have had very little interaction with him before. My husband, while choking me repeatedly told me he hated me, called me a psycho bitch and said “we got you now”. I am unemployed, disabled, but get no disability benefit from nav. I get no spousal support or child maintenance benefits. My husband is a captain at bristow.


  • 08 Oct 2022


  • F


  • 4315 Sandnes

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